Conveyor Belt Management Systems

Detecting deviation in belt performance before it becomes a defect, costing unplanned downtime.

B&C Belting Solutions provide an extensive range of conveyor belt monitoring systems.

These products have been specifically designed for Mining Industry applications.

Managing Director of B&C Belting Solutions Graham Warner, or "Barge" as known throughout his working career, is the driving factor behind the conveyor belt management system, known as the BMS2000. Having worked for major mining companies and for Belt Service providers, Barge knows the importance of ensuring the integrity, especially of larger, more expensive material handling systems. The question is why did he design a new unit? To Barge the answer was simple - In managing large mining companies where Belt Rip detection systems were installed he became frustrated of expensive Belt Rip Detection systems that continually failed and had little support from the OEM. After spending thousands of company dollars to maintain these systems and having to manage with plant and equipment being inoperative for more time than operational, he decided to design his own.

Barge’s Belt Management Systems are a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor belt width and location, enabling operators to detect abnormalities prior to a tear.

Our products

B&C Belting Solutions offer products designed specifically for the mining industry. Our managing director, Graham Warner, is at the forefront of our BMS2000 design.

Engineering solutions

All of the B&C Belting Solutions product range have been developed and designed where clients who have had ongoing issues that required attention. B&C with their network of key personnel provide options with quick wins and out of the box thinking.

B&C can provide onsite reviews and audits and act as a third independent consultant in the design of conveying systems for their operability and maintainability.

Protection systems

B&C Belting Solutions provides system protection designed specifically to your company’s needs.

Product combination

The B&C belting solutions product range are designed to cater for all company sizes where the need to minimise damage to conveyor system and optimise the conveyor life is important. B&C offers protection systems as well as components to improve the systems functionality and life.