Engineering solutions

All of the B&C Belting Solutions product range have been developed and designed where clients who have had ongoing issues that required attention. B&C with their network of key personnel provide options with quick wins and out of the box thinking. B&C can provide onsite reviews and audits and act as a third independent consultant in the design of conveying systems for their operability and maintainability.

Services we provide:

  • Complete mechanical, electrical, commissioning and product training for systems purchased by client.
  • Mechanical and Electrical installation.
  • System(s) commissioning and programming.
  • Competency based product training.
  • Integration of B&C systems with existing site PLC/SCADA system(s).
  • Comprehensive system maintenance service.
  • Comprehensive system Audits.
  • Chute review and design.
  • Skirt design and Management.

Product combinations

The B&C belting solutions product range is designed to cater for all systems where the need to minimise or eliminate damage to conveyor system is a priority to the operation. The protection systems offered are varied and can be broken up into the funtionality required.

Belt Rip (Full system coverage) This can be stand alone or integrated into sites current systems.
Other Rip detection Systems that can be obtained through the one BMS2000 Box.

  • BMS2000 Belt Rip (Trough and return)
  • Carry back detection (Inclusive of overheight)
  • Light curtain (In current development)
  • Belt Thickness (In development)

Protection systems

B&C Belting Solutions provides system protection designed specifically to your company’s needs.

In addition to the above support services we also provide the following:

  • Site review and recommendation on required systems
    • Take into account current systems and ability to intergrate these.
  • Belt Rip (Full system coverage)
  • Interfaced BMS2000 Series unit with site SCADA etc.
    • Ability to monitor and manage off site
  • BMS offset frames for use with the BMS 2000 system or utilised as tracking frames.
  • Carryback detection
  • Overheight detection
  • Citec / Scada / PLC interface