About us


B&C Belting solutions provide and extensive range of conveyor belt monitoring systems. These products have been specifically designed for the materials Handling Industry applications.

Managing Director of B&C Belting Solutions Graham Warner, or "Barge" as known throughout his working career, is the driving factor behind the Conveyor Belt Management System, known as the "BMS 2000 Series".

Having worked in Mining for all his working career Graham was fortunate to work for both Mining companies and service providers which has given him an insight across the materials handling spectrum. (Hard rock, Iron ore & Coal).

  • Mining Companies – Western Mining (14) and Newcrest (10) total of 24 years.
  • Service Providers – Beltreco (8) WearX (owner 2) and CPC Engineering (current 8) total 18 years.

During this time all his employers have supported Graham in continuing his business within the roles he held within the various companies.

Barge knows the importance of ensuring the integrity especially of larger expensive Conveyors.

The question is why did he design a new unit? To Barge the answer was simple he was tired of expensive Belt Rip Detection systems that continually failed and had little support from the suppliers. After spending thousands of company $’s to maintain these systems and having to cope with system’s been inoperative more time than operational, he decided to design his own with the backing of his Employer.

The Employer Newcrest got internal and third party reviews done on the system after completion and successful implementation and testing. The now BMS2000 was given the thumbs up to be utilised across all their main systems.

In fact the final review stated; After searching the world there is no other system that can provide the functionality and level of stability that the BMS does currently.

As part of this initial product Barge has gone onto design other products to support materials handling systems including what is known as the CPC Trac Skirt system.

All ideas and concepts come from a team of unique people who think outside the box and collectively are innovators in their thinking.